Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Follow Up from You Know Where!

Yesterday, in preparation for today's follow up appointment for The Boy's wrist, the two kids talk me into picking The Short Chic up and taking her with us to The Boy's appointment. They are all excited to pick out the color of the cast.

We arrived for our 1:30 doctor appointment today at about 1:20. There were so many people in the lobby it took us over ten minutes to get through registration. Some where in the middle of registration, The Short Chic decides to have one of her very few potty accidents. Although I am still unsure if you make zero attempt to go to the potty is it an accident or an intentional omission??

The entire time we are waiting in the lobby, The Short Chic is not allowed to sit, for fear that some nice person is going to come behind us and get a wet backside. The Boy and The Short Chic decide to play invisible knives. Where this game came from, I have no idea. But they end up arguing over invisible weapons. "Mom, The Boy took my knife." "Mom, The Boy says he has guns, and I don't have any guns." Seriously, folks, invisible weapons!!

I have to end up sending The Boy to sit on the other side of the lobby, completely away from The Short Chic. By the time they call our names, nearly 1 hour and 15 minutes later, I am a frazzled mommy who desperately needs a cocktail or medication. Okay...maybe both!  I can't help but wonder, why in the world did I agree to this torture. Next time, she will stay home with the Nana.

As they are showing us to the casting room the nurse says, "We will put you in here in case you need to be casted." Not for one second did those words escape me, "in case you need to be casted."  What does that mean? He has a broken wrist, right? Why wouldn't they cast it?

Soon enough I got the answer to that question. But before that, The Boy and Short Chic have forgotten their invisible weapons in the lobby, and are trying to decide what color of a cast The Boy should get. They explore their options: purple (his favorite color), red (matches his shirt, shoes, and bracelet), orange (her favorite color), pink, (mommies favorite color but funny for The Boy to wear), black, blue, yellow, or glow in the dark!

 One hour and thirty minutes past our appointment time the doctor comes in and says the break is right on the wrist and is very lined up. I think he might even have called it a superficial break? He's suggestion is no cast and instead a splint. If we decide to cast it the cast will be short, before the elbow. The splint will be Velcro, we can take it off to shower.

The x-ray of the broken wrist. For all of you non-x-ray readers, I circled the break. The Doctor did point out that growth plates look good. 

The decision is  a no brainer to me. They do take more x-rays to make sure nothing has changed in a week. As soon as they are done, we are out of there. Just in time, The Short Chic is mad because I showed The Boy a photo on my phone. As we leave the doctor area, she is screaming and crying! Two hours past our appointment time.

The Boy and his splint. Yes, he can take it off to shower and even go swimming in it! 
And to end a wonderfully stressful trip to the Doctor, as soon as we pull in the garage, The Short Chic lifts up a hand in a fist and says, "Mommy, don't forget to take the knifes and guns inside!"  Oh how I prayed we left them behind!!


  1. funny!
    cathy roberts

  2. oh no! In spite of it being an obviously stressful situation for YOU, that was a funny story!! I can just hear them both!

  3. Welcome back from the combat zone!

  4. Now that was funny!