Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let Freedom Ring

We Americans just celebrated the Fourth of July. Our Independence Day.

I do not think my family is so much different from other families. We celebrate with food. With friends. And by blowing things up!

WOW, we love fireworks.

After spending the weekend at the Lake with Tracy, we opted for a smaller celebration.

Meeghan and Jeremy invited us over to their home in Liberty, Missouri. I figure if you are going to celebrate the fourth of July and your independence, a town named Liberty is where you want to be.

We of course had to stop by the firework tent before we got there. Unfortunately, they were out of smoke bombs and black snakes. The Boy got his M-60's and bottle rockets. The Short Chic got her sparklers. Daddy got his rocket launchers. I got a few fountains.

Speaking of sparklers, we found this cute outfit in her closet moments before leaving to head to her BFF's, Miss Things house. I think her Nana bought it for her a while back. Good find! It was a super cute outfit to wear on July 4th.

Meeghan and Jeremy live in a cul-de-sac and several of the neighbors were out lighting off fireworks. The little girls would run from one house to the next to see all of the pretty lights. Some young children might be scared off from all the loud booming, but not this one:
This little man loved it all! Until his bedtime came. Then he just wanted to go to sleep.

Of course, my big kid....The Boy loves fireworks and blowing things up. That poor McDonald's cup never stood a chance against the big M-60.  Luckily for all, the neighbors roof stood up to the bottle rocket gone crazy!
No splint or cast is going to stop this one from lightening off a few legal explosives on this day. He only walked away with one minor punk burn. He thought it was a perfect day.

The Short Chic loves sparklers! Big ones. Small ones. Red, blue, green, or yellow! She played with them all night.  About 9:30 p.m. we  left the front yard and headed into our hosts' backyard. They just rebuilt their deck and added a new concrete patio with a built-in fire pit. We roasted marshmallows and had smores all the while big fireworks were exploding over our heads.

We had a wonderful Independence Day and hope that you all did as well!

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