Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break Week

My oldest, The Boy, has been on spring break this week. My husband took him fly fishing at the beginning of the week and it snowed on them. Due to my illness last year, I depleted my leave at work and had very limited time I could take off to spend with him. Doesn't that sound like a good excuse to avoid fishing in the cold snow?!?

The end of the week, however, was not cold and snowy. In fact, it has turned into a perfect spring break week with record highs for the season. I decided to take off 1 day from work and take my son to the NAIA basketball tournament. One day of basketball  was not enough for The Boy, so his Papa took him to the tournament on Thursday.

The NAIA tournament always gets second thought to a much larger basketball tournament that is also going on right now, the NCAA tournament. We might have been watching smaller, Division II schools, but the players have just as much heart and determination to bring home a national championship. And I am not sure about the NCAA tournaments, but our tickets only cost $6.00 each and we were allowed to participate in "Brown Bag Friday", which is where you get to bring your own food in to the game. Oh yeah, that $6.00 ticket, got us four games, not one!

The Boy with his ticket, which might be the Cheapest Ticket in town!

My cousin Kevin and one of our brown bags! A hot dog at Municipal Auditorium was $3.50 and a bag of chips was $2.50. Lucky for us, Costentino's Market was 1 block from the Auditorium!

Top Off for game number 3. The Boy got to meet most of the players from the team in White, Georgetown College from Georgia. So we all rooted for them. They won and advance to the next round.

The Boy and I.
My second cousin, 4 games might have been a little much for him but he was a trooper!

Tip Off to Game 1. Probably the best game of the day.  Pikeville  from Kentucky might be the Cinderella Team in the NAIA.

Tomorrow, Round 3, and kids get in free as long as they are wearing a jersey. We might spend the entire weekend there!

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  1. Okay, this sounded like my type of party. If you go next year, I'm in!