Monday, March 14, 2011

A Rough Day but Pasta makes it all Better

The past 24 hours have been tough to be three.

The boys went out of town on a fly fishing trip and we girls had a girls night last night. We played Barbie's and painted our fingernails. The Short Chic did not want to go to bed last night and finally she told me why. "My Daddy always let's the dog out before I go to bed." "My Daddy always gets me a drink of water before I go to bed." "My Daddy always reads me a story before I go to sleep." "My Daddy always tucks me in."

I did not want to argue with her logic. Sometimes her Mommy reads her a story before bed and often tucks her in. But clearly, she did not want to go to bed without her Daddy.  Lucky for me, stories of her Daddy and her brother sharing a bed distracted her long enough for her to forget her Daddy was missing and she passed out!

Then this afternoon, I called The Short Chic's Nana on my way home but the Short Chic was sleeping. Nana told me she would bring The Short Chic home after she woke up.  Nana called a few hours later sounding at her wits end. She had been trying to get The Short Chic home for half an hour! It seems the Short Chic in her all-knowing three year old self decided she was going to teach herself how to tie her own shoes and was frustrated because she could not do it. And as she is my child, she would not allow Nana to help her.

I am not sure how Nana got her to come home but The Short Chic arrives home and announces she wants spaghetti for dinner. While her Daddy is fixing her spaghetti, The Short Chic goes to her room and dresses for dinner; white leggings, white socks, white turtle neck. I thought her Daddy was gonna blow a gasket when she came down and started eating red spaghetti sauce. He begged her to go change. I think he might of even demanded it.  She was having no part of it!  

You can all imagine where this story is headed....she covered that white outfit in spaghetti sauce. With each new drip, her Daddy's eye's rolled to the back of his head! Her big brother and I; we laughed, and laughed, and we laughed.  Please enjoy a photo of our messy, spaghetti eating girl dressed in a white (well it use to be white) outfit!

This is only half the fun. I wish I could have taken a photo of her Daddy at the same time.
So proud of herself.

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