Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Old McDonald Birthday Party

We have about finished birthday season in our family. I am a little sad it is almost over for another year. Since I started this blog after The Short Chic's second birthday, I thought I would keep birthday season alive in my heart by posting some old photos.

When she was one, The Short Chic loved Baby Einstein videos. She also loved singing "Old McDonald had a farm". So, when it came time to planning her second birthday party it seemed obvious to combine the two and have an Old McDonald Birthday Party.

I found very cute paper products from Birthday Express. They were absolutely perfect!

As cute as the paper goods were, I still needed a WOW factor. I mean the cow print balloons were cute but they were just not enough. So, I decided to build a barn. Well, actually, I asked my husband to build a barn.

It is amazing what one can do with a leftover refrigerator box. But I did not have one of those. So, I called our local Home Depot and asked if I could have one. It was that easy! I put my husband in charge of constructing the barn, mainly because I rush things and he is meticulous. 
 We had some leftover red paint and painted several layers to cover up all the writing on the box. Unsure of our painting skills, we opted to use white duct tape to create the trim on the barn. We used an old white mini blind as the roof. It gave it that tin roof appearance. Maybe I would have liked to have painted it silver before the party but we ran out of time. We used real hinges and made the doors able to open and shut. I had to give up my parking space for a few nights but it was well worth it!

Unfortunately, the party was for a two year old, who sprung one of the doors shortly after the party started. 
Oriental Trading Company had some really cool barnyard themed activities. I purchased foam barn photo frames that came with foam accessories (animals, tractors, hay bales, farmers).  Oriental Trading Company also had sticker sheets that showed a barnyard scene and came with animal stickers to decorate with. When our little guest arrived, they were given a photo frame and a sticker sheet to decorate.

My Mom is a great cook! When planning this party, I thought what better says barnyard that fried chicken, specifically drumsticks because they are easy for two year olds to eat. So, I asked my mom to do us. We also served other foods that came from the farm; carrots, celery, broccoli. We served milk to drink. And not to forget, my Mother In Law made deviled eggs.....that looked like Chickens!

We asked all of our guest to come dressed for a day on the farm. Sometimes I wish I was better at family planning and had at least one of my kids in the summer. That way we could have an outside party. But, oh no! I had them both during cold weather so we are limited to inside parties. The house gets a little crowded but we would not change it for anything!

There sure were a lot of overalls that day. Several flannel shirts. And even some cowboy hats. After eating, we opened presents then did a cake. I have never made a stacked cake. I know I did not do it correctly, but the bottom line, my birthday girl loved it. 

The cake topper was a giant sugar cookie, I drew free handed and cut out.  I frosted the entire cake sky blue and then piped green grass all over. I used sugar cookies shaped like barns, horses and cows to decorate the sides. I even piped a fence behind the animals. The inside of the cake was pretty cool too, although I did not get a photo of it. I made a white cake and dotted chocolate cow spots inside the white cake. So, when it was cut, the cake looked like a Holstein cow. 

 I am also pretty proud of the table cloth. It was one of my first attempts at sewing since Junior High! I purchased cow print material and bandanna material and created a cute focal point. 

The birthday girl loved the cake and could not wait to dig in.  However, it was not the cake she wanted, but the cookies. But, I guess that is okay, she is the birthday girl after all.
After cake, cookies, and ice cream, we all played a game of Old McDonald. Everyone was given cute animal hats. As we sang Old McDonald if you had the animal we were signing about you had to stand up. Even the adults got into wearing the animal hats. Super cute! We also played a game of "Help Farmer McDonald find his lost animals". I scatttered farm animals all around our home, some in obvious places and others hidden well to accomodate all ages of children. I then asked the kids to go and find all the lost animals. Just a tip, it is helpful to know how many animals you have hidden so you know how many have found their way home!

It really does not matter how many times you sign the song, she always wants to do it one more time!


  1. Great ideas, exactly what I want to do for my daughter

    1. Too bad we don't live close, I still have the barn in my basement. I would pass it along!