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Our Weekend

Last weekend one of the bloggers I follow posted about her weekend using photos. Normally, my weekends are filled with exciting things like: house cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, running to and from baseball practices, doing the dishes, ect. Who wants to see or know about those exciting parts of my life? That is correct: No one except maybe my mother!

But...this weekend! This week is different, this weekend is BUSY! I have tried my best to snag some photos of our weekends

Friday Night: Mexican Food! 

Never fails, after training 5/5 days, I am exhausted! I slept on the coach from 7 to 9, got up and went back to bed at 10:00.

After training all week long, all I wanted on Friday night was some Mexican Food and a Beer. My family raves about my homemade guacamole and not to brag but I do make a good guacamole. I came home from work and immediately began cutting tomatoes, chopping cilantro and onions, and mashing avocados. I threw together some pork quesadillas to go with the chips and guacamole. I am going to blame it on the avocados being a little too ripe or maybe on the fact that I was so tired, but the guacamole was not my best. But that beer, it was the best one I have had in a long time and it worked like a charm, I was passed out on the coach before the dishes finished drying.

Saturday Morning: Brunch with Girlfriends!
My girlfriends and I met for brunch at a "new" place in Parkville. I use quotation marks because the "new" place has been open for a year. Shabby Hattie's is a tea room and restaurant and I have heard several people comment on it in the past few weeks. So, I had to put it on my list of places to visit.
They have over 60 varieties of tea to chose from. That might have been the hardest choice of the morning!

Meeghan ordered the crepes filled with scrabbled eggs. The side was some super yummy potatoes.

Jen ordered the yogurt and granola parfait.It came with a side of lemon blueberry bread with Devonshire Cream. 
I ordered the asparagus quiche. It was so yummy!

The food was very good. The tea was excellent.  But one can not overlook how pretty the restaurant is. 

Myself and my girlfriends! How cute are those two pot tea pots?!!

Saturday afternoon: Ribs!

My husband decided at the last minute to spend Saturday using his new smoker. Once again he smoked beef and pork ribs. He also added a chicken this time because he loves me and I have been begging for a smoked chicken. Also for the first time, the husband also made his own bbq sauce. As our tradition has become, we stood around the kitchen island devouring the ribs and drinking a cold beer!
My Smokers! The Short Chic helped her Daddy soak the wood.

Baby Back Ribs

Ribs and Bud Light. Perfect weekend food. (Have I mentioned how cold it was outside? Or the fact that it was snowing!)

Beef ribs.
Saturday Evening: Disney On Ice!

My girlfriend Meeghan was able to get us great tickets for Disney on Ice. We took our short chics downtown for pizza and the show. The music was lots of fun, but seeing the smiles on the little girls faces made the night priceless!

Yummy Pizza!

Mommy has on the Alien hat and The Short Chic is wearing Buzz Lightyear. (which up until the show started was her favorite. But in the middle of the show, she decided Jesse was her favorite because Jesse is a girl and Buzz is a boy.)

Disney On Ice: Toy Story 3

Barbie and Ken were my favorites. Check out Barbie's Skate Covers. Love em!
Bed Time Saturday Night: Story Time
Despite being out super late, The Short Chic was wide awake when we got home. So we nestled up on the coach and read a favorite story: Pinkalicious. Which of course was followed up by Purplicisious and Goldilicious.

Sunday: Creative Time

Today has been spent doing those things we have to do: laundry, dishes, picking the boy up. But in between those tasks, I have completed a sewing project. I admire people who can sew. I wish I was good at it. I did get a sewing machine two Christmas' ago and I have used it, two times up till today. I took a sewing class in junior high (we all had to take a sewing class in junior high). We made aprons. I recall it being an unpleasant experience. My lines were not straight, I tore out more seams than I put in. OH, and I do not even like to think about the second attempt at sewing I made in junior high! Horrible!!

So with much trepidation, I attempted to make Mommy/Daughter matching aprons.  Today, I sat at my machine and sewed not one but TWO aprons! I finished both and I am very proud of them. Ms. Guest (my junior high sewing teacher) would be super proud of me, I have straight lines! My pointer finger on my right hand has been stabbed by needles and pins so many times today it is bruised and sore. I was so proud of myself that when the short chic refused to try her apron on I almost cried. She announced very defiantly that she does not like hearts and only likes flowers.  The best news is that after both of them were finished, she thought it was cool to match her Mommy!

And with that, it is bed time at our household. Afterall, tomorrow is Monday and we must stop all of this fun stuff and go to work! 


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