Sunday, March 13, 2011

Does it really start this young?

It has been a week since our baby girl turned three and had a wonderful birthday party. But in that week, she has never once acknowledge that she is three. On the day of her actual birth, she cried. In the middle of her tears, she told her Nana that she did not want to be three, she wanted to stay two. When I asked her why, she said it was because she had not had her party yet.

OK, I thought. It is kinda complicated to have your birthday party on a separate day from the day you were born. Maybe that complicated thought was too much for a new three year old. And then, on the day of her party, when she saw her fairy birthday cake, she did tell me, "OK, Mommy, I will be three now!"

But, from that moment on, she has continued to insist that she is not three. She just wants to be two because she liked two. She says as she hold up two fingers! I secretly wonder if we can't be three because she can't figure out how to hold up three fingers.

I have tried to get her to see how cool three is. Three is more than two. Three is bigger than two. Three has more experience than two. But alas, she will have no part of it.  And here is the crazy part....she is already planning her next birthday party. She wants Mommy to create a Princess party, and she says "I will be four for that party Mommy, but then I am going to stay two!"

In the end, I have to ask myself, do I really care if she wants everyone to think she is two. I mean, who am I to say lying about your age is a bad thing? Haven't I spent the past cough, cough, few years being a cool 32? So in the end, I say, "Baby Girl, you can be whatever age you want to be. Mommy knows the truth."

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