Saturday, November 1, 2014

Camp N' Treat

This past weekend we said farewell to a summer tradition: camping.

We went on our ninth camping trip this year. Our usual camping buddies joined us (they have made seven camping trips this summer).  We stayed close to home, returning for the third time this year to Watkins Woolen Mill State Park.

Watkins Mill had their First Annual Camp N' Treat Weekend. It was the first time we have ever participated in a camp n' treat. The concept is simple, each camp site that elects to participate in decorates their camp and the kids trick or treat from one camp site to the next. I should also note that Watkin's Mill is not the only state park that has a Camp N' Treat, I know Wallace also had one too.

All of us just returned from Walt Disney World where we attended Mickey's Not So Spooky Halloween Party where we dressed up as Crayons. We wanted to make use of our costumes so we stuck with our theme and decorated with crayons.

The State Park granted awards for best costumes and the scariest camp site. Crayons are not scary. So we added some skeletons and told everyone that the zombies attacked our crayon factory. We were still not scary. But we were original.

Sadly, all of my photos from this weekend are blury! Hopefully you can look past the blur and see the work. We made a crayon box out of a presentation board. We got an empty fabric roll tube and covered them with craft foam to make small crayons that were used to create a pathway to our crayon arch.

The crayon arch was pretty genius idea of The Husband's. I told him we needed an arch and he came up with using tent poles because they have a lot of bend to them. We added inflatable crayons and some black creepy fabric and skeletons.

I changed out the lightbulb to my PVC Light Post to one that flickered. It did not put out any light but it did give off an eerie feel. A few pumpkins and a 23 inch TV completed our decor (did you really think we were not going to watch Game 5 of the World Series?).

Since we were not scary, we did not place in the contest. But, the camp organizers told us they loved us and will be adding new categories for next year's contest.   We had a great time at Watkin's Mill Camp and Treat and will plan to attend next year.  Besides the Halloween festivities we started planning our camping trips for next year. Do you have a favorite state park? Where do you think we should go?

The men folk are thankful to have this over. We have technically been celebrating Halloween for an entire month and they never want to see the crayon costumes again.

This maybe true but before we close Halloween 2014, I will leave you with this last image (yes, it is slightly blurry!).

Happy Halloween from all of us!

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