Friday, March 14, 2014

Prayers Needed

As we sat at The Boy's potentially last high school game The Husband's cell phone went off and brought some bad news. His niece was involved in a serious car accident. 

As information about the accident and injuries poured in, it became evident this was a very serious incident. 

This past week, I visited her crash site. I am thankful she is here on this earth with us. If you do not believe in a higher power, I am not sure how you can see these photos and not believe in something bigger than us.

She was traveling east on a gravel road. She was attempting to make a left hand turn at an upcoming intersection when she lost control and hit a tree. Head-on. 

Not the tree in the foreground of this photo but the tree in the background. Evidence of the crash is still visible. 

The crashed automobile was a few miles away from the crash site so we paid it a visit as well.

The vehicle was a Chevy Tahoe. Seeing it scrunched up was stunning. Everything was so mangled. And compressed. 

Two days before we visited the site and vehicle, it stormed. I am sure a lot of the blood was washed away but there was still evidence of her injuries in and on the car.

 The footboard had been pushed so far back that there was no space between the floorboard and the seat. She suffered little injury to her left leg. The right leg, however, is crushed from the hip to the foot.
It is clear to see why when you look at these pictures.

As we walked around that day, my mind had a very difficult time processing what I was seeing. It is clear that she is lucky to be alive.

 She is not medically stable yet. She is in the process of recovering and that includes numerous surgeries. Any warm thought or prayers that you can send to her would be greatly appreciated!

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