Sunday, March 2, 2014

Frozen Sing-A-Long (Another Disney Side)

A week or so ago, The Short Chic was invited to a Frozen Sing-A-Long birthday party.

The Husband and I armed wrestled to see who would take her. I cheated and won!

The party was a local movie theater. They had a party room that we meet in before the movie. The birthday girl's momma, my friend Jen, had a craft ready for the girls. 

Since it was a Sing-A-Long, she had the girls make microphones. They were so creative and cute!  She painted a Styrofoam egg in glitter paint and put them inside empty bathroom tissue cylinders of black cardstock. Each girl got to decorate their microphone with their name and other stickers. 

 The theater had a wall full of stars. It made the backdrop for silly photos. Maybe only my child got the memo about being silly?

Afterwards we got a tour of the movie theater. It was a simple tour. Less complicated these days that what it was in the past. The machine below is the large projection machine that projects the movie onto the screen. The silver tubing on the top blows cool air directly onto the machine to keep it cool during use. The sound equipment is in the background of photo.  

Useless trivia fact: each projection bulb cost about $2,000!

After our tour we were escorted to our reserved seats for the movie, Frozen.  Since this was a Sing-Along version, we were able to follow along with the words and sign out loud! Very few people in our showing did that. Except my friend Meeghan. She sang out-loud. Loudly!

Just kidding Meg's! 

I know The Short Chic and her friends enjoyed signing along and using their microphones!

We had so much fun watching The Birthday Girl and her friends as they Showed Their Disney Side! 

Are we the only one's who love Disney Princesses? Did you know that Disney has Eleven "Official Princesses"? Can you name them?


  1. :-) It was a good time. I love the music from any and all Disney movies!!