Saturday, March 8, 2014

Monster High Birthday Party

Six candles on her cake. Six wishes she gets to make. My baby girl has turned six. Somewhere I blinked and she went from being a cute baby to a little girl.

A little girl with an opinion! I use to tell her what the birthday theme was going to be. Now she tells me. This year she wanted demanded a Monster High themed party. This was my year to simplify her birthday party. I am not sure how I did on that end. You will have to share you thoughts on my "success" at scaling back.

We opted to do a few things different this year. We did not have the party at our house. Instead it focused around an activity. We chose swimming {one of The Short Chic's favorite activities}. So we had the party at a local hotel that has a public access swimming area.

The Decor:

The decor needed to be simply as we are lugging everything to a hotel. The Husband and I added ribbon and tulle to water bottles.  I found the Monster High logo's on the internet and printed them out. I had hoped to put them on top of the water bottles but my hole punch was too large. Instead I punched a hole in them and added them to the tulle.

 I made the centerpieces for the party.  They were so easy. I printed a black and white skullette out on cardstock. Then I used a paintbrush to brush on Elmer's Glue and added extra fine glitter. When the glitter and glue dried I cut out the skullette and adhered it to black foam. I covered a dowel rod with washi tape and put in between the skullette and foam.

To finish it I placed some floral foam inside a sparkly container and added some black crinkled paper. 

The Cake: 

This is the first year I have not made my own birthday cake. This cake was made by Nellie's Custom Cakes in Claycombo. The Monster High Doll in the center is Rochelle Goyle. I wish I could have videotaped The Short Chic's reaction when she first saw the cake. She loved it!

 While I may not have made the cake, I did try my hand at making Monster High Sugar Cookies for the party. They ended up looking pretty good although I know they are no were close to perfect. I will say that by leaving the cookies out to dry caused them to be as hard as hockey pucks.

Thankfully, The Husband remembered that his mother use to put bread in with cookies to keep them from drying out. We put the hardened cookies in a container with bread and sure enough, the day of the party they were perfect!

The Party:  Every Monster High Doll comes with a Journal. The Journal is written in a black and white composition book. I found mini composition books at the local dollar store and also purchased some Monster High Stickers. The party guest were able to decorate their composition books while the adults served the cake.

The Gifts:

This Monster High fan received several new Monster High dolls for her birthday. 


My house is over run with Monsters!


 The night of her party we were predicted to get hit with a massive snow/ice storm. Unfortunately, the storm did start as her party was starting. Luckily for us, it did not get really bad until the party was over and our guest were home. 

Speaking of home, The Short Chic had one last surprise waiting for her at home. A brand new Monster High Bicycle! 

No more baby bike. She now has an 18 inch bicycle just waiting for spring to arrive!

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