Sunday, October 27, 2013

Macaroni Art

It is the weekend.  I love the weekend. I love carving out some downtime. It helps me to recover from the crazy fast-paced days of the work week. No alarm clocks. No deadlines. I actually look forward to some morning television, a luxury I absolutely do not get during the work week.

However; my daughter has a completely different plan. From the minute her eyes pop open she is on the go. She has to talk out loud. Sing. Dance; even while lying down. Her imagination needs no priming. Unfortunately it does need an audience.

So, here we are...up early. She is peppy and I am disgruntled. I just really want coffee and she wants macaroni art. She wins.

For the first time ever, we dyed macaroni. It is pretty easy.  I liked that most of the supplies needed were found in my kitchen. That was helpful as The Husband was upstairs still sleeping.

 The Short Chic liked this activity because she was able to do nearly everything herself. She added the food coloring to the macaroni {5 or so drops}.  I added the tablespoon of alcohol to the bag.

She swirled it around. Mixed it all up. This might have been about the quietest she was all morning!

 After it was all mixed up, we dumped it out onto a paper towel lined baking sheet. Then the hardest thing ever for a kindergartner...we had to wait for the macaroni to dry.

It did not take long to dry. A half hour maybe. I lose track in all the chatter. 

After it was dry, The Short Chic spend the next hour or so creating her art. This is a lady wearing a dress.

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  1. I don't know why the short chic doesn't like to sleep long because her bed is the best bed in the world. No complaints here!!! I get my best sleep at your place, lol.