Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Camping Craft: Spray Bottle Tye Bottle

Last year's camp t-shirts were a reverse tie-dye using bleach. They were a huge hit!  You can check them out here. This year I decided to do some tie-dying using spray bottles. 

I spent an entire Saturday using my Cricut to cut out the letters C-M-P. I used the Going Places cartridge to cut a pup-tent out to use instead of the A. 

In preparation for the big day I purchased several inexpensive spray bottles to put the dye into. My plan was to adhere the letters to white t-shirts, use the spray bottle to add color and then remove the letters to reveal white letters surrounded by dyed shirts. 

It was a good plan, too. I am positive it would have worked. In fact, I know it would have. If I had not forgotten the letters at home and forgot to take them to the campsite.  By the time I realized I didn't have the letters it was too late to run home and get them. A back-up plan was needed. 

My back-up plan was to just let the kids have at it with the spray bottles. They lined up and we passed bottle after bottle down the line. 

We let the kids spray one side of their shirts and then we carefully flipped them over and sprayed the second side.

Parental assistance when using dye is a good idea.

Otherwise, they might accidentally spray their cute jackets. Or even their faces. 

As far as my original idea: well, when we got home I found the letters. They were left on my kitchen table. Since I had them already cut, I figured I would at least try. 

I used some spray adhesive that I had left over from last year. The letters stuck so well! Then we just sprayed away! I removed the letters and they revealed the white t-shirt underneath. Just like I had planned. 

The good news: the letters will keep till next year. The other good news: the shirts they did at camp look pretty good too. Below is The Short Chic's camp shirt. 

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