Monday, October 7, 2013

Camping Time

Last year I got an itch to go camping. I knew camping with other people would be more fun, so I just started inviting lots of people to go with us. The response was so overwhelming, I was shocked.  People who had never camped before made plans to join us. Everyone had a great time and really encouraged me to make it an annual camping trip.

Two weekends ago, we had our Second Annual Family Camp Out. Our set up was the same; we offered families two nights of camping, a single night of camping, or just an opportunity to come out and enjoy the fresh air and go home and sleep in their own beds. Last year we had three families camp two nights. This year we actually had five. Last year we had a total 35 campers and this year we hit 44 campers.

I took Friday off work and went up early to set up camp. It was a gorgeous day and I felt like I was playing hooky all day! It was nice to sit back, prop my feet up, and catch up with my friends. {I even took an afternoon nap.}

The nice weather was temporarily interrupted by a storm. We all must have been lulled in by the sunny sky and warm temp's that we forgot the warnings of the weatherman. Many of us left our awnings and party lights unsecured. We were woken in the early morning hours by the wind whipping around us.

That Saturday morning we waited out the storm. Although the rain fell for many hours it was a slow, quiet rain. It all would have been bearable had it not been for the wind! The wind had been blowing out of the south and then at the tail end of the storm it changed directions with a vengeance! Tents snapped. The lake had white caps. Our popup bent in ways I did not know it could. And just like that, it was gone!

The wind stopped. The rain moved on. The sun came out. The grass dried out. We fixed the tents. Since most of us had to skip breakfast due to the rain, we were ready for lunch! Luckily for us, we were having a Family Camp-Out favorite...WALKING TACO'S.

What's not to love about taco's in a portable bag? The Short Chic announced at lunch time that "there is just something about camping that makes me want Walking Taco's!"

We had a day full of activities:  scavenger hunts, camp crafts, catching up, resting and relaxing!

By the time the sunset, you could not even tell that we had started our day off with a storm.  I look forward to bringing you additional post from the camp out. And I am already looking forward to the Third Annual Family Camp-Out!

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  1. So sad we missed it, we will definitely be there next year!