Monday, May 13, 2013

Do You House Party?

Do you House Party? Have you ever heard of House Party?

What is House Party? House Party connects people and products. You apply to host a party, invite your friends, and House Party connects you with products you would love to try. After the party, you and your guest provide feedback to the company about the product. Everyone leaves happy because House Party's Party Pack is full of gifts to share with your guest. 

Who does not like freebies?

I have been a member of House Party since January 2011. I am about to host my third party.I am super excited. 

In the past, I have hosted a House Party for the premier of Disney's Princess Sofia and Kraft foods.

Currently, I have been selected to host a party for Gevalia Coffee. I am planning to have a large coffee break at work. I know my coworkers work hard and deserve a coffee break.

My Gevalia party pack arrived today. I knew it was coming {House Party sends you shipping information} and I sat around all day anticipating it's arrival! The mail at my house runs late so the party pack did not arrive till after 5. 

But it was worth the wait! 

If you do not House Party, you should. No, you really should! It's easy. Just go to House Party dot com and register to be a member. It does not cost you a thing.  After you are registered, you just look for a party that you would like to host. Then you apply to host.

Easy. Peasy. I promise. And fun. Lots of fun!

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