Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meet Brooklyn!

I would like to introduce you all to Brooklyn.

She came to live with us this past week.  She is tiny!

She and her three siblings were rescued from a log in a field. I lost my beloved kitty nearly 18 months ago, Miss Emily, and my heart has been broken. Once I thought about getting a new kitty. I left the store in tears. So, when The Boy contacted me to see if he could bring home a baby kitten, I wanted to jump. I did. But then I was not sure.

Until I came home and saw her.

She completely melted my heart. And The Husband's. The Short Chic loved her from the first baby meow she through her way. Sugar, our boxer, she is not amused to have a new one in the house. Oh and The Boy, he climbed through a log, obtained ticks and scratches to bring her home. He know understands the term, "Labor of Love."

As much as I can figure she is probably about three weeks old. She is has to be fed every three-four hours. Bottle-fed. She cries. A little baby cry. All the time. She also is too young to go to the bathroom by herself. Did you know a Momma Cat stimulates elimination for her babies? It is true and I have now learned this!

With a new baby in the house, there is No Sleep...Till Brooklyn...gets bigger! {Sorry, I could not resist the Beastie Boy's reference which has been playing in my head since we named her!}

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