Thursday, April 4, 2013

It Is ALL About The Smile

Yesterday we crossed a milestone. The Boy's braces came off.

He had a crossbite. Which is believed to be caused by mouth breathing. He had surgery to fix that issue then got braces on his teeth. I was still doing chemo when he got braces.  So many things have changed in two years.

He is a little more responsible than he was. When I ask to see his smile, he no longer gives me a silly funny face. {He still might show me chewed up, unswallowed food in his mouth.}

Back then it was still okay to hug your mom. Now it is not.

He also did not have a driver's license. Now he does.

We use to be the same height. Now he towers over me.

He wanted a mohawk back then. Now he has his ears pierced.

Sorry, I just need time to slow down a little.

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