Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Fallen Warrior

 The summer I was 17 years old my Grandma took me to California to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins.

They live in Oxnard, California  which is where my Uncle met my Aunt when he was stationed there during his Navy days.My Aunt's extended family lives in that area. During my first visit to their home, I got to meet them.

This is my Uncle PeeWee. He has the heart of a giant. He is married to my Aunt's sister, Henrietta. Although his wife and I share no genetics, we have matching thumbs. If you ever meet me {or Henrietta} in person, you might note that we have unusually shaped thumbs.

His daughters, Cyndi and April befriended me during my visits. We visited the beach together in Cyndi's new Volkswagon Cabriolet. We swam the night away in their backyard pool. It was during my very first visit to their pool that I ran smack into the screen door and totally knocked it out of its track!

They were with me for my first ever trip to Disneyland. It was April, who showed me that if you lick the back of a gummy bear they stick to your clothing. We ran all over the park and had a great time.

Over the years, I have returned. Visiting with this side of my family each time. We have grown up. Gotten jobs, had children, went on living our lives.

April has a daughter. She is a swimmer. If I remember correctly, April was a great swimmer herself in high school. I fully expect to see her in the Olympics.

April was diagnosed with Colon Cancer late 2010 just as I was finishing my treatments for Hodgkins Lymphoma. She has been such a warrior with such an amazing determination and outlook.

April ended her fight this past Friday night. She left this earthly home and moved on to a heavenly one.

Rest my loved one. Rest.

I ask for your prayers to guide and comfort her family. I know her Momma and Pappa's hearts are broken. I know her big sister has carried a heavy load for a long time. And I know her daughter has got to feel her absence more than anyone.

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