Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bon Jovi Forever!

This past weekend I had a date with my teen crush.  

Bon Jovi came to my hometown this weekend.  For twenty-six years I have been attending his concerts. 
They started the concert off with a bang opening with What The Water Made Me. You Give Love a Bad Name and Raise Your Hands quickly followed. 

The stage looked simple enough. Then the concert started. And out of no where comes these blocks from the floor and down from the ceiling. All different shapes. Light being projected onto them.  Turning this simple stage into something cool.

If there is one song that speaks directly to me, it is It's My Life. When I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, parts of this song just repeated in my head.  I had cancer and I could not afford to say silent prayers, nor could I afford to lose faith. I needed to be heard. I needed to do it my way. It was my life. And now or never, I had to fight for it. 

I am sure when the song was written it was never to be about fighting for your life against cancer. But some where in my dark hour, I heard it and made it mine.  There might have been thousands of people at the concert, but honestly, when he sang It's My Life, he sang it for me.

We had good seats. I mean, we were not in "the circle" but we had decent seats. There was a catwalk right in front of us. Jon came out on the catwalk (even closer to me) and sang a trio of ballads; Wanna Make a Memory,  Bed of Roses, and I'll Be There For You.  

I am not sure what mesmerized me the most. Jon or the crowd. From the rows right in front of him to the back of the house all eyes were fixed on him.

 My friend Lori made the comment that if he would have asked us to drink Kool-Aid, the crowd would have. I think she is probably correct. 

They even played my friend Meeghan's favorite song..Who Says You Can't Go Home. 

 One of the super cool things they did was bring down these blocks from the ceiling and put very sexy computer generated girls on them. The girls danced their way through Bad Medicine.

 Over two and half hours of old Bon Jovi and new Bon Jovi.  Sadly, no Richie for this concert. He was missed. It seemed to me that Jon compensated for his absence. He played guitar nearly every song. I don't recall him doing that in the previous concerts I have attended.

Twenty-six years ago, five of them stood arm-in-arm saying good-bye to the crowd. It is very odd to only see three. I hope what ever is going on can be resolved. But I know great bands before this one have broken up. I just pray that is not the case here.

Thank you, Bon Jovi, for another great night. I shall see you again, sometime in the future!

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