Saturday, March 23, 2013

Surprise! We Are Going to Disney World!

For The Short Chic's birthday we gave her a HUGE surprise! We were giving her a dream trip to Disney World. It was time to meet all The Princesses!

She knew we were planning to go "some day." In fact, she has been saving pennies, and nickles and dimes in hopes of "getting enough money" to go.

This video is a little loud. We presented her with her surprise at her 5th Birthday party, where she had 15 friends over. Plus parents. Grandparents. Aunts/Uncles ect. There was a lot of people there.

Finding the perfect way to tell her was a little challenging. She still does not read, so we had to find another way. I thought about puzzle pieces and putting them inside balloons that she would have to pop and put together. But my puzzle pieces were too big.

In the end, we went to Build-A-Bear and purchased a voice box. My Husband, The Boy and I all recorded her a message. It said, "You've waited so long and now the time has come to go have some fun, so pack your bags, we are going to DISNEY WORLD"

As you watch the video I want to point out a few things. She played the voice box twice. After the second time you can hear her Papa ask her what did it say. You can't hear her response but she shrugs her shoulders and says "I have no idea!"

So then the three of us did a reenactment. And her response was, "Oh."

It was not until I read her a letter that described more detail, "We are leaving in 6 sleeps" does she get excited.

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