Thursday, December 27, 2012

Communication Center

I don't think I have told you all yet, I got promoted a few weeks ago.

My boss retired and I was selected to take over for her. The past few weeks have been busy with organization projects. I am pretty proud of the communication center I just made today.

To make this communication center, I started off by buying a piece of sheet metal. We priced several different ways but I ended up buying a 24 x 36 inch sheet from Home Depot. {The cost for the metal was $19.96.}

Next, I hit up the office supply store and found some acrylic file folders on clearance.I needed 4 folders so I had to buy two boxes. {The cost of the folders was $24.00.} The office supply store also had a peel and stick dry erase board on clearance. {$9.00} They also had random magnets, dry erase markers, and butterfly magnets all on clearance. {Total of the random items was $4.00.} Other random supplies I used: magnets {$5/for 52 magnets, chalkboard vinyl, super glue {both on-hand}.

I started off by adhering two magnets to each acrylic folder. I learned it was not enough so I added two more to each. I used my Cricut and the new Sophisticate cartridge to cut out the labels.  I cut 4 matching labels. I then adhered them to the front of the folder.

If I were making this project at home, I might have convinced The Husband to screw the sheet metal to the wall. But this is for work and we are not allowed to put holes in the wall. Instead, I purchased a jumbo pack of the 3M Command strips. The instructions on the box says that two strips will hold 12 pounds.

The sheet metal did not weigh close to 12 pounds but I did not want to take a chance that sheet metal would fall off the wall, so I used eight sets of 3M strips.

I ended up adding two more magnets to each folder, making a total of six magnets to each folder.  The rest was just easy. The peel and stick dry erase board took patience and time but was as easy as the name suggested. We added a bucket to put the dry erase markers in. The bucket is held up with a suction cup hook.   Decorative magnets were used to fill in space, but they are more than cute they are also functional.

For a total of less than $50.00 I created an attractive and fun communication center for the office.

I am looking forward to showing you all my office...but not today! It still needs a little bit of work!


  1. So cute!!! Love it!! Great Job...

  2. You are so cute and crafty!

  3. I love to bring cute and crafts to the workplace! I would love to have you link up to my Show Me Your Plaid Monday's!

  4. Have a Great New Year! Thanks for Linking up at Show Me Your Plaid Monday's! You have been Pinned! I hope you return each week!