Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Ear Piercing Adventures: Part One

When my daughter was born, nearly five years ago, my husband's extended family sent her a little set of pink diamond earrings. That is how I learned how different his family was from mine around ear piercing!

Needless to say, I did not pierce her ears when she was a baby. I wanted to wait until she wanted them pierced.

Well we have been talking about ear piercing for some time now.  And with all the talking about it, I made a startling realization! My own pierced ears have grown closed. (WOW! I thought it was a little extra hard to put earrings in the last time. Just did not realize I was forcing them through!)

The Short Chic and I made a date to go get our ears pierced. I would go first to show her it did not hurt.  She was excited when I gave her the tiny box with the cute pink earrings in them.

On the way to get them done, she held the box, ever so gently and proudly. Then she tells me, "MOM, I lost one!"

Sadly, it was true. After nearly 5 years of safekeeping, she lost an earring on the way to the store to get her ears pierced.  Even though the store had earrings very similar to our pair, she was not interested in going through with it. 

So, I went first and got my ears pierced. AGAIN. And The Short Chic's ears remain hole-less. Maybe later!

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