Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mommy/Daughter Time

My girl loves Disney. She really loves the Princesses!  Jasmine is her favorite. When her Daddy and I saw an advertisement for Disney on Ice last week,  I knew I was going to try and get her tickets to the show.

We scored great seats (Thank you Craigslist!). Then we made plans with our BFF's and we headed out! In the rain, no less.
The show included Alice in Wonderland. This was one of the coolest parts. The numbers line up numerically.

Peter Pan came flying in and so did Tinkerbell. She even sprinkled pixy dust all over, it helped us fly home at the end of the night!
The Loin King came on after intermission. (I kinda felt like the first half drug by and then they rushed the second half.) 

Snow White was there! And the Seven Dwarfs. The Short Chic loved it when Sneezy blew down all the other Dwarfs.
Oh and Thank Goodness Rapunzel and Flynn Rider were there! ( I think she got a hair cut.) I loved the floating lanterns.

And then Miss Olivia's favorite came on! Princess Jasmine and Aladdin!! As soon as my girl saw her she sat up properly in her chair and never took her eyes off of Jasmine. I honestly think she thought Princess Jasmine would look right down on her and say, "Hi Short Chic!"

I think we are ready to go to Disneyland/Disneyworld. THAT is a whole other post, I am sure!

Jasmine and Aladdin on the magic carpet. The Short Chic thinks when she is grows up she is going to marry her brother. I think it is cute. Well, right now, when she is four it is cute. We will talk about the legalities of it later. But for now, she thinks Aladdin is her brother and Jasmine is her.

Princess Tiana was there doing some might fine skating!

I was a little disappointed with the finale. Yes, ALL the Princesses were there (even Mulan) but they only went to one side. So we got to see half of the Princesses and did not get to see the other half. Boo!

This Princess Aurora was super tall. This picture does not really show it but man, she was tall!

My Short Chic with her Mickey Mouse ears on.

My Short Chic and her BFF Little Mess. They enjoyed another year of Disney on Ice!

For the record, I had wanted to have Mommy/Son time the very next day. I wanted to take The Boy to see The Hunger Games, but he went to his Dad's house for the weekend.  Then he told me it was okay for me to go without him (I am guessing he did not want to see it as much as me).

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