Sunday, March 11, 2012

Felt Cupcake Toppers

So, I am not sure what happened. I opened my blog from my ipad and the next thing I know, my entire post was deleted!!

Total devastation!

So, I am going to recreate my post. Which I know will not be as good as the first.

Last week  I was traveling and away from my family.  I don't mind being away a night but four nights is a lot! I needed something to keep me busy.

My best friend still had not had her baby so I thought I should start preparing for her upcoming Sip and See.
I know, you are asking "A what and who?"

A Sip and See. It is a type of shower that happens after the baby is born. My BFF is very non-traditional and this type of shower seemed appropriate. We are going to have people over, have a SIP of something fruity  and SEE the baby!

Since the baby is being born at the birth of spring, our theme is spring. It also offers us some non-traditional colors for a shower. Bright Colors. Green. Blue. Yellow. Red.   In addition to bright colors, one symbol of spring was incoporated: birds.

I wanted to have cute cupcake toppers. I have seen several made out of paper using a cricut, but I learned after the Princess Party, piecing together small pieces of paper is time consuming. So I opted for a non-traditional material: felt.

So this is how this project came to be:

First, I started looking on the internet for a cute bird pattern.  I found this one.  It was for a 4-dimensional bird and I thought it was perfect. Only, it was big. Really big. So, I used a photocopier and shrunk it down until I thought it was the right size for a cupcake topper.

Second, I gathered supplies. I used felt. Embroidery Floss. A sewing needle and a pair of scissors.

Next, I cut out the pattern. I cut two of the body and I cut 2 wings out of a variety of felt.

 Yes, the patterns said to cut 4 but I only cut 2.

 Then I used a blanket stitch and sewed the two body pieces together. I did leave a small space at the bottom of the bird to insert a Popsicle stick into when they were all completed.  I then stitched around each of the birds wings. I used contrasting floss and made the wings a different color just to make it all more visually appealing.

{You may be asking yourself...what is a blanket stitch?} Never fear, it is a simple stitch:

After I had all the edges stitched, it was time to sew the wings onto the bird. I used some invisible fishing string I had laying around the house. I think you could also use fabric glue, but mine was dried out.  Add a Popsicle stick and you are ready to go!

So, the next time you are interested in having some cute, original cupcake toppers, think about using felt to make them. I think they would be so easy to coordinate with your special occasion!

I am so looking forward to sending you more ideas and photos from the Sip and See!

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  1. These are so stinkin cute! Thanks for sharing @ Manic Monday.