Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Lorax Pancakes

If your family has a preschooler in it, you are probably like us: fascinated by the movie, Dr. Seuss' The Lorax!

As a family we went to see the movie for The Short Chic's birthday. She loved it! The Boy loved it! We all loved it!

 Here is the family, waiting to watch the movie. It was our first 3-D movie experience!

So, on this sunny early spring like day, The Short Chic and I decided to have pancakes for breakfast!

Here is what happened next,

The Short Chic stood upon her stump {a little blue kitchen step stool} and proclaimed,

"I am The Short Chic, 
I speak for the pancakes!
There is excitement to seek
So, find a technique  
and make us unique!"

Okay, maybe that is not exactly how it went, but pretty close!

I grabbed my ample supply of  sprinkles and selected those reminded me of The Lorax. All the while, The Short Chic is saying,
"I am the Short Chic,
 I speak for the sprinkles. 
We are bright and cheerful   
Sure to bring giggles and twinkles!" 

Again, maybe I am adding a few words here. 

So we mixed them up and started cooking away. I did not use a Thneed for this breakfast nor where any truffula trees cut down to make these pancakes. Just a good old fashioned flat iron skillet and a spatula, pancake mix, water, and sprinkles.

 I did not measure the amount of sprinkles. I just poured out a small amount. Then I mixed them with the batter.   I am not that fancy, I used old-fashioned Ms. Butterworth mix.

 The final product were pancakes just as colorful and happy as the movie.

At least she thought so. She was happy. That is what matters the most!

"I am The Short Chic,
I speak for my tummy!
I enjoyed eating your Lorax pancakes, 
they were yummy!"

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