Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bittersweetness {Graduation Video To My Son}

Life is so bittersweet.

The sweetness is mixed with the salty. The joy with the sorrow.  Pleasure with pain. The good with the bad. The yin and the yang.  Obviously, we know life is bittersweet or we would not have so many ways of describing it.

Bittersweet is how I have come to describe The Boy's high school graduation.  It is honestly a very happy time. To see your child accomplishment a goal  is a wonderful feeling. He earned his A+ diploma. He has been accepted into his dream college. It is a wonderful time for him.

He is not the only one celebrating. We all are. As parents, we accomplished a goal as well. Sometimes you just don't want to become a statistic. You don't want you child to become involved in drugs and alcohol, you don't want them to become teen parents, you don't want them to get involved in the criminal justice world. You don't want them to take the hardest path they can find.  I can honestly say, we made it through (bumpy at times!) without becoming a statistic.

It is a time to celebrate. To be excited. We are busy making party plans to celebrate this large milestone.  But all of that does not stop me from feeling sad. Melancholy. Reflective. Maybe even a bit scared.

I have spent the last 18 years and change with The Boy right next to me. What will next year be like when I will go weeks or even months without seeing him. I have to wonder and hope that he will make good decisions when not under his mother's watchful eye. Or her social media stalking. I hope but you never know. That is the scary part.

Yesterday was his last formal high school class. He has two more days of school activities. Four days until graduation. I am trying to hold back the sadness and focus on the excitement. It is all bittersweet.

I made a video for him. It is a part of a larger video that we will present to him at his party. I am ready to share my part.

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