Friday, January 9, 2015

2015 Word of the Year: Accountability

Happy New Year Everyone!

I don't know about you but for me every year since my big fight with Cancer has been a good one. I can't complain about how awful the year was. I am thankful to have experienced it. 

With each new year, I normally make resolutions. Last year I said I was going to bike 500 miles and take a photo a day. The photo lasted about two weeks until I decided my life was too boring to take a daily photo. I did start biking. I ended up biking roughly half of my goal. I did great until I nearly got heat stroke on one leg of the Katy Trail


My number one go-to resolution over the years has been to eat healthy, lose weight, become physically active, and even track my food intake.   Some years I have been more successful than others. One year The Husband and I actually made it three months before we fell apart.

SNAP! (a blog that I follow) has set about a new years challenge. They are challenging people to select one word to serve as your inspiration and goal for the new year.  Instead of an actual resolution that may fall away, the idea is that the one word will serve as a constant inspiration for the entire year. 

I have pondered my word for a few days now....(nine days to be exact!).... and I think I have found one that fits me at this moment. 


My word is Accountability.

I plan to be accountable to all aspects of my life, not just my work life. I want to be accountable to my husband and children. To my extended family. To my friends. to my bank accounts. I want to become accountable to myself. 

I am super excited for 2015. I feel like I have a direction.

What about you? Do you have a word?

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