Monday, October 27, 2014

Our City is So Blue

Fall is a beautiful time of the year to visit my hometown. The trees turn amazing and brilliant colors. Some are red, others are yellow, we even get gold and orange and most shades in-between. But this year another color is dominating our fall.   Every where you look you can't help but see it. It certainty stands out  among the "normal" shades of fall. The color I speak about is Blue.   Our entire city is blue!

In case you have been living in a cave, have been on vacation outside the USA, or your lost your smart phone and are totally disconnected to the world I should say that our hometown team, The Kansas City Royals are playing in The World Series!

We had a long standing history of being the worst team in baseball. We had a shining moment 29 years ago. We won the World Series back then. Most in the past decade, The Royals were more likely to end the season in the bottom of the standings not the top.

We have learned to love our Royals despite their performance. But since they are winning, I have to say it is so excited to see how blue our city has become! Everything is turning blue!  With some help from some Facebook friends, I can show you just how blue we are!

I told you about our fountains a while back. Most of them have all been turned blue!

Our Halloween pumpkins are blue. Vehicles are showing off their blue while they drive around the city.  People are decorating their yards with blue.

Since our regular season ended our work and school attire has gone all blue. The Husband's work is normally strictly shirt and necktie has changed to jeans and Royals attire every home game. 

Blue food is creeping into our diets. You can find a number of specialty foods to make your watch parties as Royal as they can be.  We even have blue flowers for centerpieces!

Everywhere you look this city is blue. The kids and I wondered around downtown last night  just turning corners and finding new structures that have turned blue almost overnight. Bridges, hotels, performing arts center, train stations, and even our art work has all turned blue.

Yes, we watched our team as our team lost game 1, game 4 and even game 5.  We do realize we are currently behind in the series 3:2 and we are in a win or lose situation. But those of us here in Royals country we believe.

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