Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Ice Princess

The cold may not have bothered the most famous Ice Queen but it will certainly bother my Ice Princess. 

The weather in our state is unpredictable at the end of October. Occasionally we get a perfect fall evening but typically we get cold and wet.  Which does not work well with a sheer costume.  

In an attempt to keep my Ice Princess warm on Halloween night, I asked my Mother-in-law's help to make a cape out of heavier material. 

I purchased a yard and a half of fleece. We kept the length long so it would drag behind her just the way Queen Elsa's does. My mother-in-law folded the material over at the top and ran thick elastic to cause a gather.  She tacked down the top of the gather to keep it out of her face.

She then added metalic silver trim to the front edges and a sparkly silver and rhinestone snowflake button. A hook and eye closure keeps the cape in place and keeps my Ice Princess hands free!

Hopefully this cape will help her not be bothered by cold!

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