Monday, October 13, 2014

Disney World's Wilderness Lodge

We just returned from our Disney vacation. We spent 7 days at The Magic Kingdom in Florida where we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge Villa's.  Our friend owns a time share through The Wilderness Lodge and he sold us his points for the week. The Wilderness Lodge is a short boat ride to the Magic Kingdom.

We took the Magical Express bus from Orlando International Airport to The Wilderness Lodge. The bus ride was easy and comfortable and for our viewing enjoyment we passed the half hour trip watching an advertisement of all Disney World Parks has to offer.   From the moment we landed to the moment we were dropped off outside the lodge we were taken care of and stress-free!

 The Lobby of the Wilderness Lodge was made to resemble a grand log cabin. You could find wooden totem poles, Native American head-dresses, and comfortable sitting groups. The second we entered the lobby, I knew I had seen it before. Only different.

Yellowstone National Park's Old Faithful Inn 

Before I even asked I knew this building with it's grand lobby was fashioned after a hotel I visited last year with Miss Medical Student; Old Faithful Inn. It is kind of nice to know that Disney is as taken by the national park as I am!

After traveling all morning we were pretty hungry when we arrived. We had our first lunch at the Whispering Canyon Cafe located in the lobby of the hotel.  If you have never eaten at the Whispering Canyon Cafe you should probably be warned. This is not your normal dining experience. The staff are loud. They like to play jokes. Sarcasm is served as a side dish to the smoked ribs.

They serve occasional guest really large drinks and others really small drinks! They have unlimited milkshakes. Getting ketchup in this restaurant is eventful and good luck if you should spend any time on your cell phones!


They also have pony races for all children. I should stress upon the word all children!  This restaurant is all about stressing family time and having a good time. It is best to leave inhibitions at the door and play along!

While we were at dinner we got the text that our room was ready. We made our way there excited to see where we would be spending the next week. We were welcomed with Disney towel art on the master bed.

We had two bedrooms, two baths, a living room and a full kitchen. We were able to order groceries through the front desk. Our room was decorated with Bambi. The Short Chic's American Girl doll, Isabelle, enjoyed her first trip to Disney.

I use to joke that your lodging at Disney did not matter because you spend so little of your time in your room. While it is still true that you spend so little time in your room, it is nice to come back to a comfortable arrangements after a long hard day of play!

If you are heading to Disney, check to see if buying someone's points is a good deal for you. If you do not know of  a Disney Vacation Club member the Mouse Saver's site recommends using David's Vacation Rental's

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