Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Road To Oscar: What to Eat?


The movie count is down to three. Three movies is all I was unable to see this year. Hitchcock never came close to my area (in fact a search showed it was not playing in a 250 mile radius of my home zip code). I missed my chance to see Wreck It Ralph. And I do not think I am going to go see Chasing Ice just for a best song nomination.

I have taken advantage of free printables on the web and have made Oscar Bingo cards, Red Carpet Score Sheets, and of course the Oscar ballot.

The other really big decision to be made is food for the big night. Every Oscar Night we gather together and make food inspired by the Best Picture nominations. I love this part. It is so much fun to sit and talk about the movie after you see it and determine the best dish that will take you back to a moment in the movie.

Amour: What a beautiful and sad love story. In honor of the title of this movie and the love between the two main characters, we will have cocktails called Love Potion.

Argo: I loved this movie. One of the scenes that stood out in my mind was when Ben Affleck's character makes it to Tehran, where the climate is anti-American and what do you spot in the crowded city? A Kentucky Fried Chicken. To honor this movie, we will make Southern Fried Chicken.   Argo, f' yourself!

Beast of the Southern Wild:  When the main character is knicknamed, Hushpuppy, it seems obvious that one must have Hushpuppies. But just because we are crazy like that, we have also decided to cook up a batch of Gumbo!

Django Unchained:   The dinner at Candyland certaintly proved to be exciting leading up to a big bang over dessert. I think we have to have white cake for our party. (Random trivia fact about me; white cake is my absolute favorite cake EVER!) You can expect the best White Cake for dessert.

Les Miserables: With a nation starving, Jean Valjean went to prison over for stealing a loaf of bread for his nieces and nephews.We will be serving Homemade Bread on Oscar Night.

Life of Pi: The majority of this movie takes place on a boat with nothing but raw fish and rice crackers to eat.  On Oscar Night we will take inspiration from the adult Pi, a vegetarian man from Indian decent. My selection for Oscar night:  Sweet Potato Lettuce Wraps (Sweet Potato Lettuce Wraps)

Lincoln: There was not much food in this movie so we are researching President Lincoln's favorite foods. It appears he was a simple man: water was his favorite drink, he did not like alcohol, and he liked vegetables and apples. We are planning to make Roasted Root Vegetables.

Silver Linings Playbook: I am not sure what a crabby melt is but they sure did like them in this movie. While I may not know about crabby melts, I do know and love football food! Oscar night, we are going to make Our Own Crabby Melts.

Zero Dark Thirty: In honor of the lead character in this movie, who is a determined, relentless, and  a hardcore female, we are going to get crazy and make Pink Hummas served with veggies for dipping.

The other thing that I found was well represented in many of these movies was tea. So, once again, we shall serve tea at the Oscar party.

The only thing left for us to worry about is the weather. Here in my midwest city, we are about to get hammered with a major snow storm. I just hope the roads are all clear by Sunday. Because as they say in Hollywood...The show must go on!

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