Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Oscar Night

 Here is a recap of our Oscar Night!

Who else had a party guest show up wearing a burqa? I did!

This is my cousin Wendy. (She is a retired Marine and her husband is retired Navy.) Before her husband retired he was stationed in the Middle East and he brought her home these articles of clothing. (I felt the need to tell you all she was in the service too because I thought she would want me to point that out!)

Anyway back to the burqa....how so Argo and even Zero Dark Thirty was this! Wendy welcomed everyone to the party in her burqa.

We started our evening early...red carpet coverage started at 4:30 our time. Cocktails and appetizers were in order. Our menu was outlined in a previous post, Road to the Oscars: What To Eat.

The top two photos are the Sweet Potato Lettuce Wraps and the Love Potion Martini's. Both were very yummy. The lettuce wraps might have been the supporting actress that stole our show. They were hot and cold, soft and crunchy all at the same time.

The bottom two photos are the Homemade French Bread and a substitution in our menu. Instead of making Southern Fried Chicken, Wendy made an Iranian Shirazi Salad. Very yummy!

The next two photos are of the Pink Hummus and the Hot Maryland Crab Dip (which we put on the French bread and it was THE BEST!

The bottom two photos are the Gumbo that Tracy made and the Roasted Root Vegetables (Brussels Sprouts, Garlic, Onion, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Butternut Squash). Both of these dishes were big hits!

Our dessert was a simple White Cake with "Tarantino Sauce". What is Tarantino Sauce? It is nothing more than pureed strawberries. But when you pour it on white cake, it resembles...well, have you seen the movie?

It was a long night. Many times we looked at each other with shocked open mouth at some of the things Seth MacFarlane said. I am still not sure why Chicago got a 10 year anniversary tribute. But loved the James Bond Tribute. Yes, I was shocked that Christopher Waltz won Best Supporting Actor but I thought his performance was totally worth it. And Yes, I am so happy that Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress.  And while I loved Argo, I was still rooting for Lincoln to win Best Picture. I did tear up at Ben Affleck's acceptance speech.

And one last thought...did anyone else think the Jaws music was totally rude? I get that you want to move it along but how about limiting the amount of time the presenters get to present and announce and give the winners more than a few seconds to respond. I mean, they just won an Oscar for goodness sake. They deserve a few moments.

So another year of Oscar has come to an end. All that is left is to watch the reviews of the Red Carpet.

Until next year...Cheers to You! We will see you at the movies!

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