Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dreamin' Big!

Missouri Powerball is tonight. The jackpot is 550 million dollars.

That is the second highest jackpot in Powerball history.

I am sure I am not alone in allowing myself to dream about winning it.

Dream. At least for a few moments.

What am I dreaming about?

  1. A new home. One with an indoor basketball court and walk-in closets!
Of course the house would also have to have a great kitchen. A crafting room. A play room. And plenty of room for the kids and their friends.

                                Lakeview Chicago mansions

2. A lake home.

Wouldn't a home on a lake be a great place to spend your weekends. Think of the family memories.


3. Maybe a new car?

Absolutely...a new car would be in order!


4. And of course, I would need a new boat to go with the lake house.


5. I know everyone says they would, but I would not quite my job. But I would travel.

All over the place. England. Ireland. Tuscany.  Hawaii. Easter Islands. New York City. Greece. New Zealand. China. Bora Bora. I get excited just thinking about it!


Okay, dreaming is all over! The dishes are calling my name. {WAIT! Is it too late to add a housekeeper to my list!}

Oh yeah, and I need to go buy a ticket!

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