Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Reflections

I love trick or treaters! Every year, I rush home, turn on my light, and wait for the door bell. I love it!

When we moved into this neighborhood four years ago, I was so disappointed because there were not the high number of trick or treaters that I was hoping for. Every year our number of trick or treaters has grown.

So, when we decided to not be home for trick or treating, I still wanted to encourage trick or treating. I left home with the light on, a bucket of candy on the front porch and a sign saying "Sorry we couldn't be here to see you in person. Please take a treat ...or 2..but remember to save some for those who will come after you."

I have to say, all of my friends laughed at me. They poked fun as they told me that candy would be gone on the first visitor. All I could say is, "I hope not." I wanted to believe in good manners.

Getting home late last night, after our playoff football game, I was so excited to get to the bucket to assess the situation. Guess what, there was still a lot of candy left in there!  {My neighbor tells me that we had more trick or treaters than ever!}

It was a great evening: My son made the basketball team, we won our playoff football game, my daughter used a VERY big word correctly, and there are manners in this world {or at least in my neighborhood!}.

I went to bed a happy Momma last night!

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  1. This is a cute post!!! Way to go Boy!!! Make sure you get us a schedule