Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Were Egged: And I Have No Photos To Prove It!

I am a phototaker! I love snapping photos of anything and everything.

And if I am honest with you, I use this blog as a reason for taking even more photos.

So I am sure this will surprise you, but something cool happened to me this weekend, and I was at a loss for taking photos. I even thought during it that maybe I should grab my camera, but I was so into the moment that I did not want to let it pass without me.

We were "egged".

Are you familiar with this term? It is similar to being "boo'ed" at Halloween time. Someone leaves Easter Eggs at your house with a note telling you that you have been "egged." Well, it happened to us.

We were out of town for the weekend and came home early Sunday morning. I was actually a bit concerned because The Short Chic helped Mommy set out eggs for an egg hunt for the older boys. She also helped her Nana stuff eggs for an egg hunt at her house. There were no eggs she had not had some insight information about and I was worried that she might start to put two and two together.

I know that sounds premature for her four years but she is pretty smart.

Well, fast forward to our arriving home on Sunday and I actually  notice something colorful in our yard by the driveway. I start to say something to the Husband when I realize there are lots of colorful things in our yard.

They were Easter Eggs. And The Short Chic is squealing with joy! She is yelling to any neighbor that will listen to her that the Easter Bunny found her, left her eggs, how she loves the Easter Bunny, ect, ect, ect!

I let The Short Chic pick them up. There are a lot. Three, maybe four dozen eggs. While she is picking them up, I find a note. It said, "You've been egged! Now go egg someone else!" So this was intentional.

I immediately think The Husband arranged this. He thinks I did. We both think our neighbors did it. But they are outside when we get home and they deny it. Then I think it is my Mother and Father-in-law. They even denied it. I think her actual words were...I wish I had thought of it!

I am left scratching my head. I will say we opened the eggs up. Hmmm, there is "good" candy in those eggs. I am still left wondering who did this.

THEN, Monday morning at work my dear friend Melissa calls me and asks if we got all of our eggs picked up. I thought, what an odd way to ask about Easter. Then she repeats it and I ask her, "did you egg me?"

To which she replies...YES!

I am immediately saddened that I did not get a single photo of the event. Thank you, Melissa for such a wonderful experience! And thank you for saving the Easter Bunny for Miss Short Chic!W

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