Saturday, April 14, 2012

Despite All Odds: I Rocked Today!

Have you ever avoided something? 

Like stuck your head in the sand and hoped it was not true. 

Because if you avoid it long enough, it will go away?

That has been me.

My husband, at my recommendation, signed me up for a 5K. 

I know I should have been eating well, exercising, preparing for this event. 

But, I did not.

And today was the big day.

  But, I finished. And I did not walk, well not all of it anyways. 

I actually ran, half.

 I crossed the finish line in 48 minutes.

 That was 10 minutes behind my husband, who has been preparing everyday for the past two months.

  And about 5 minutes before the first half-marathon runner came across the finish line.

My son was there, to cheer me on. 

{actually, he might have been there for the free food. I am sorry to anyone half marathoner who did not get free food. My growing son ate your share.}

My great friend Melissa was there. 

She actually walked the course.

She was an ostrich just like me. 

We promise to be better prepared next time!

This guy did a half marathon. He finished in 2:30. It was his first half marathon.

My husband has a great support network through his work. 

A great group of girls!

Rock The Parkway
Kansas City, MO
April, 2012

Next year, I promise to be better prepared!


  1. Pam, you did great!! I'm so proud of you! I definitely learned my lesson and will be prepared too next year. Overall, you Rocked that Parkway girl!

  2. Next year? We are going to do a 5k the Saturday before Father's day. The route runs through Live Strong stadium and the Kansas Speedway.

    I'm going to sign that short chick up for the kids run after the 5k.


    The Husband

  3. Awesome day!! It's a great feeling isn't it! Hope my day goes well tomorrow!! I'm proud of u friend!!!!
    Loves Megs