Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Roller Skate Cupcake Cake

I am excited for me. I had a couple of first yesterday! 

My friend Shannon called me a few weeks ago and asked if I would help her decorate a cake for her daughter's birthday celebration. Of course I agreed to that! Then she tells me she wants to do a cupcake cake. 
Um, I have never done that. Nor have I ever actually decorated for someone other than my family. Now I am nervous!

 So, after a very long day at a Sip and See, I drove over to Shannon's house. Her little boy was my biggest helper. We made frosting. Tinted it. Piped it. Okay we might have even sampled some.  He told me he wants to learn how to make a cake because he wants to go on the Food Network and do the cake challenges. We agreed to be a team.

 So, with no experience, we put as many cupcakes as we could get on a cake board. We covered all of the cupcakes with white frosting and then Shannon's husband...who also has to go with us onto the Food Network because he can draw and I can't...helped us by outlining a skate with a toothpick into the frosting.

 I used his outline, pipped frosting all over the cake and came up with a super cute birthday cake.  All I could think about as I was working on this cake is all the time I spent at the roller rink when I was in high school. We spent every Sunday there. Our school took us on a field trip every year, we would skate away the last day of school.

 Shannon added the little pearls to the inside of the skate, how cute do those wheels look!

Shannon thinks the cake looks a lot like Shelby's real skates. How sweet is that!

Today is Miss Shelby's birthday party. Monday is her actual birthday. She will be 8! Happy Birthday Miss Shelby! Thanks for letting me decorate your cake! (and I think I might be going back to help Zac this winter. He wants a Titanic birthday! I better get to practicing!

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  1. This is the coolest! You're amazing!