Thursday, July 16, 2015

Freshman Orientation

The Boy and I recently attended Freshman Orientation at his future college.  We were able to go down the night before and stay in one of the residence halls, walk around campus, enjoy some nightlife, and overall just get excited about the next four years of his life.

Can I just say, I think I am officially too old to stay in a dorm room. Even for one night.

We visited the library. Many things have changed since I was in school. The Boy and I had a fun ole time of "playing" with the mechanical sliding book shelves.  The library on campus has one the best great rooms around. Students there call it the Harry Potter Room because it does look like something straight from the pages of the book or even the set of the movie.  I made sure The Boy knew where it was and could find it. Now I will keep my fingers crossed that he visits this room during the school year for reasons other than site seeing!

During Orientation the school had a vendor fair up. Numerous clubs and organizations were present to help you get connected before school even started. The Athletic Department was there taking applications for employment for various positions: ticket tacker, parking lot attended, ushers, concessions, security, ect.  Knowing The Boy's love for KSU athletics I thought this would be the perfect 10 hour a week $10 an hour job for him. When The Boy learned he would not actually be able to watch the sporting event, he walked away and left me standing there apologizing to the Athletic Department Representative.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, The Boy randomly bumped into a former graduate from his old high school at a fraternity table.  They spent a great deal of time catching up and talking about rushing as well fraternity life. The Boy's father joined in and compared some notes about how things have changed from then to now.

I am excited he is on this path. I know over the next four years he will be presented with many paths to choose from. I just hope he picks the one that is right for him and  will ultimately lead him to the realization of his life goals.  

In the meantime, I am going to be busy enjoying my last few weeks with him at home! 

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