Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentines Day Ramblings

Why is it that adding chocolate to strawberries can alter a persons life?

The Boy and his girlfriend hand dipped Strawberries this weekend. They made the entire house happy!

I made The Short Chic a new necklace. As I mentioned before in this post, The Short Chic is in love with Paris.  So, I tried my hand at making some jewelry. 

This is an 18 inch chain that I added a bottle to. Inside the bottle is a message and some red crystals. The message reads, "May all of your dreams come true". I added a few charms: a lock and a key, an Eiffel Tower, and an Arc de Triomphe. I debated about leaving the key off as it would be more representative of the locks on the Pont des Arts but then The Husband piped up that France officials are stopping the practice of love locks. So I added the key. 

The Boy's girlfriend also got a message in a bottle. Her message was a little sweeter but that is not my story to tell. She elected to make hers a key chain. Both turned out very swell indeed.

Carrying forth the French theme in our house; I made Croque Madam sandwiches with sauteed kale for dinner. I might have gotten the bread a bit too thick but otherwise, it was amazing! Both of my picky eaters (picky for different reasons) loved it! Sour dough bread, ham, cheesy bechamel sauce and a fried egg on top. I might fall in love with Paris too!

She is now begging for more French food. Julia Childs I am not but  I am going to find a way to exploit this for as long as I can!

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