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Single Digits to Disney World

Disney World.

Some parents cringe at the sound of it. Some parents tolerate it for the love of their children. Then there are the category of parents like I am in. I live for visits and trips to the Happiest Place on Earth. And our countdown to return to this magical place just hit single digits!

Hot on the trail of our last Disney World trip (March 2013) I began making plans to return with some good friends of ours. They have a little girl the same age as The Short Chic and thought it would be awesome to go as a group so their daughter would have someone to share the experience with.

As we began planning and decision making (on property vs off property/ driving vs flying) my husband suggested we reach out to a friend who has a Disney time share. He had offered us some time in the past. Not only did he agree to sell us some points he also agreed to go with us.

That is how we became #DisneyPartyofTen !

Slowly we have observed milestones in our countdown. We customized our Magic Bands. Six months ago we made our dining reservations. Ninety days ago we made our Fast Pass selections. We have ordered tickets. We have even purchased our dining plan.

This is the first trip were we will actually stay on property. This will be our first experience with the Dining Plan. We will be attending Epcot's Food and Wine Festival. We will be attending the Not So Spooky Halloween Party!

This past weekend I completed every single pre-Disney craft project on my to-do list. What kind of pre-Disney craft projects did I have? Well, let me share them with you!

Halloween Costumes:

Since we are going during the Not So Spooky Halloween Party, halloween costumes were in order. Our three youngest members are dressing up like Princesses thanks to Bippity Boppity Boutique. The rest of us will be Crayons. I made a total of 7 costumes: Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Gray, Maroon, and Fuschia. Yes, we have hats to match!

Group T-Shirts

Honestly, this started off with a simple idea. How fun would it be to have matching t-shirts to wear on the trip down to Orlando.  They were so cute and easy to make it just kinda snowballed. In the end we each have five matching shirts to wear during our seven day stay.

Shirt one:

Girls have polka dots and bows. Men have chevron strips. Names on the back in Disney font. 

Shirt Two: We call him "Fancy Mickey". How cute is he!!

Shirt Three: Zebra Mickey. Girls will have red bows. We will appropriately wear this on the day we are at Animal Kingdom!

Shirt Four: Camo Mickey. The group wanted to wear him to Animal Kingdom but I did not want the animals to think we were hunting them. Of course that assumes they would be able to see us! :) 

Shirt Five: FrankenMickey. I love this shirt! We will wear him the day we are at The Magic Kingdom for the Not So Spooky Halloween Party.

Okay, non-Disney people. Yes, we will look dorky. Maybe a little corny. But we will look like a group and have fun doing it. Besides, anyone want to place a bet we are not the only group there with matching t-shirts?  Okay, and another huge benefit: half of our packing is done!

Autograph Books: 

The minute we told The Short Chic we were returning to Disney World she has been dreaming of meeting Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. She can't wait to get their autograph books. We made cute autograph books using cardstock, brads, and a sketch book. Autograph books inside Disney can cost up to $20.00. We made ours for a fraction of that.

Princess Purse: 

Inspired by Queen Elsa herself, the two little girls can carry their autograph books around in a purse. Easy to make with a half of yard of material, some trim,  and a glue gun!

American Girl Wear:

I know The Short Chic won't travel without her American Girl doll, Isabelle. So on a pure moment of crazy, I made her doll and her friend's doll t-shirts with iron on decals that match our shirts. Okay, then I decided they needed skirts too!

There you have it. Pre-Disney crafts. Finished. The only thing I have left to do is pack. And clean house. I really need to clean my house since I have spent so much time crafting!


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