Tuesday, August 19, 2014

See You Soon

This week we have to say "see you soon" to some dear friends. Their life journey is taking them away from Kansas City and across the country. I have spent some time reflecting on our friendship and time together. 

I met my friend Meeghan in graduate school before I was married; back when it was just The Boy and I. Meeghan's husband grew up in a small Kansas town which is where she lived when we met. Meeghan introduced us to her husband's childhood best friend and his wife ((Glen and Jen) when they moved to Kansas City. All three of us ended up having little girls that were exactly six months apart. The Short Chic is the youngest. 

Through the years we have had a lot of fun memories. Fourth of July parties in a small Kansas town. A lot of birthday parties. Even swimming and gymnastics all at different times. There have been so many social gatherings in the years that we have been friends.  

Baby brothers have been added to the mix. Older brothers have grown a great deal. Even these three girls have gotten so big!

Do you remember when we went to The American Royal Parade? I hardly remember a thing about it other than we drove your car into a parking barrier as we tried to leave!  Do you remember our monthly dinners at each others houses? Or do you remember the time we "lost the kids" at the Fourth of July celebration? The Short Chic will never forget the giant sized candy bar you gave her Halloween. And I might never forget playing the Wii with our husbands back when that was a new thing!  I will forever cherish the scrapbooking adventure at the garage. I am sure those men folk still are trying to figure all of that out! Or, how about the homemade pinata that refused to break?  I am thankful for the bike rally's, deck building, and all the other random moments we have shared together.

Jen is the kind of person that shy's away from the spotlight. She is the kind of friend that is always by your side when you need it. When I was undergoing chemotherapy she brought my family dinner at the beginning of every treatment. She asked her mother-in-law to make me a quilt. She put all of their hand-prints on the backside of the quilt. I know I will forever cherish it. 

When The Boy had his appendicitis attack Jen dropped everything and came to the hospital. She sat with him and me all night. All night. All. Night. 

Jen has always done such nice things for others. She just has the biggest, most loving heart! But she is also the type of person who rarely lets others do for her. Since she has never really allowed me to "return the favor" I have taken to paying it forward. She has inspired me.

I am saddened by the fact that she is no longer across town but instead resides across the county. We have a birthday party next month and just the thought that they won't be there is a huge hole in our hearts.

I know your life is on a new adventure. I do wish you the best!  So, yes, I part from you with a smile on my face because I am excited for you. But, I also leave fighting back the tears for I know that you will be missed!  We will not say good-byes! We will see each other again. Instead I shall say...

See you Soon! 

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