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We Are Ready ...for the TOOTH FAIRY!

Some of The Short Chic's friends have started losing their baby teeth.  We have not.

I have found myself having conversations with a five year old that I did not think I would have until she was a teenager. 

  • I promise it happens to everyone.
  • I don't know when it will happen but I promise one day it will.
  • Everyone's body is different. 
  • No, sweetheart, you have not been forgotten.
I keep reminding her that she was three weeks shy of her first birthday before she even got her first baby tooth. I think it will be a while before she loses them. It does not comfort her. In fact, none of my words have comforted her. 

I never expected anyone to get a broken heart over her teeth falling out. Well, technically, not falling out.

In an attempt to distract her, I set about making a Tooth Fairy door. I found this idea on a blog link up, it was from Nest of Posies and I have had it pinned for a super long time. I loved it. I was just waiting for the right time. 

Growing up most kids in my school placed their tooth under their pillow. My Momma, however, always had us put our teeth in a glass of water. In the morning when we woke, the tooth fairy had swapped out the tooth for a coin. I carried this tradition on with The Boy when he was little. But with The Short Chic I wanted to try something different. 

Making this little Fairy Door is easy. I visited the miniature section at my local Hobby Lobby. I purchased a door, house numbers, a door handle and key, a door knocker, and paint. I used two different shades of pink. I mixed the paint together and painted the door. I really disliked the color of the door, so I also picked up some glitter spray paint to put on top. 

Most of the miniature accessories come in gold so I spray painted them black. I glued a wall hanger on the back so that we could hang it up. 

I know as soon as the next friend loses a tooth we will once again visit the "Why Me's." In the meantime, we have a magical door that will open when the time is right. The Short Chic is appeased.  For now.

I did the tooth fairy come to you when you were small?

I linked up:

By Stephanie LynnLife on Lakeshore Drive


  1. I totally love this idea!!! Can you make one for my room but it's called the "Husband door"?!!! Just saying!! You are an amazing mom.

    1. Thanks Melissa! I will gladly make you a magical Future Husband door!

  2. I love Melissa's comment. If it works, make one for me too! Would it help if a "Dr" told her the same thing?

    1. I seriously doubt that it would make a difference. But I tell ya, if her friend Zoey, Brooklyn, or Mia loses a tooth before her, I might need a Dr. A psychiatrist!


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