Monday, November 25, 2013

Conversation with a Five Year Old

Her: "Mom, I have a new boyfriend."

Me: "Oh, what happened to your other boyfriend?"

Her: "He stopped calling me his girlfriend."

Me: "So, what does he call you now?"

Her: "His friend."

Me: "So because he stopped calling you his girlfriend, you got a new boyfriend."

Her: "Yes, his name is Robert. But he wants to be called Robbie."

Me: "How did Robbie become your new boyfriend? Did you ask him or did he ask you."

Her: "Oh, he asked me "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"" {as she mimics his body movements}

Me: "What did you say?"

Her: {As she scrunches up her face} " I said sure, I guess so!"

Her Daddy: "I don't like this Robbie guy."

Her: "Mom, can I have two boyfriends at once?"

Me: "No, you can not."

Her: "Darn! That was a good plan!"

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