Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What's For Lunch: Week 1

My Short Chic has started Kindergarten and insists on taking her own lunch. This decision is okay with me for a couple of reasons:

1.  I know exactly what is in her lunch.
2. Since she has not figured out how to lie to me yet, I know exactly what she is eating too!
3. Our school district assigns every child a 6 digit number and she would have to learn it and "key it" in every day at lunch. This slows up the lines and gives her less time to eat. {Have I ever told you all she is a talker and needs time to complete task?}
4. I purchased her a super cute Thirty-One thermal tote last year and I love watching her use it.
5. And the final reason I love making her lunch....it is just another creative outlet for me.

So, here is my new series, What's For Lunch. Each week, I am going to share with you The Short Chic's school lunches.

Week 1: Day 1: Ants on a log, yogurt, berries.

She loved this meal. Although I made two errors. First, I did not think through that she has not yet figured out how to open gogurts by herself. Second, I packed her a fork and spoon to eat her berries with. She informed me that she is no longer a baby and I can not pack her toddler forks and spoons. She refused to eat the berries because she did not want the kids at school to call her a baby because of her utensils.

Week 1: Day 2:  Homemade Uncrustable Sandwich, Trail Mix, Red and Green Grapes, Carrots

I found a sandwich maker on Amazon and have been so glad that I purchased this simple less than $5.00 tool. The Short Chic ate every bit of this meal!

Week 1: Day 3: Homemade Pumpkin Muffin, Yogurt, Red and Green Grapes, Carrots, and a Strawberry

I found these muffins on another blog. They are 2 ingredient muffins. You use a box of yellow cake mix and a can of pumpkin. Mix them together and bake. The Short Chic loved helping make them. We added chopped nuts because we are nuts about nuts!  For this meal, I took the Gogurt out of the package. Kinda defeats the whole concept, don't cha think?

Week 1: Day 4: Turkey/Pretzel Skewers, Laughing Cow Cheese, Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and berries

I am not sure why, maybe because she chats too much, or she was not hungry, or because she is five and that is how they do things but today The Short Chic decided she no longer likes Turkey or Cucumbers. Even though she just begged for them last week. What's a mom to do? Yep, try again!

Week 1: Day 5: Salad on a Stick, Celery, Carrots, Ranch Dressing, Red and Green Grapes, and Sandwich Cookies

Does your child love ranch dressing as much as mine? Salad on a Stick is a dippers paradise! Salad on a stick? Yes. It is actually easy. You just skewer those salad fixing your kids like. I gave mine those cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and mozzarella cheese. The carrots and the celery were more difficult to skewer so I just put them on the side. Funny, the only thing she did not eat, the cucumbers and the cookies. Maybe next time I will peel the cucumbers.

There you have it, a week of school lunches. Is your school child taking their lunch? Let me know what you are serving for lunch!

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