Sunday, January 6, 2013

Unexpected Company

A weekend without obligations.

Totally unplanned, uneventful.

All rest and relaxation.

I NEVER have those!

This weekend was close. Friday night I sat at home, wrapped in a blanket and talked to my friends; Dana and Rose. In the midst of talking to them my cousin, Phillip, called. Phillip pretty much never calls me. Then he wants to know what I am doing Saturday night and if he can come over.

Really Phillip has been to my house once. But Phillip is my cousin and he is welcome here any time! So of course I told him we would be home Saturday night and we would love to have him come over.

We made a trip to the bank Saturday morning. {The Boy drove us. I hardly even scolded his driving!} The Christmas Tree came down Saturday morning. We met a friend of ours at Eagle Days {We saw about 7 juvenile bald eagles}.
The photo above is taken with my zoom lens about 1-1 1/2 miles away. Through the telescope the Park Rangers has set up we could see five juveniles in those two trees.  We saw another flying around the sky right above the area we were standing in. The seventh one was seen on the way to Eagle Days. We were lucky enough to spot one sitting along the highway.

I think she was more interested in throwing rocks onto the frozen lake than looking at eagles.

When we got home from Eagle Days, The Husband and I cleaned up the Christmas Tree mess. Real or artificial you get pine needles everywhere! Then I settled back and decided to get some research done for our upcoming trip to Disney.

If Phillip was coming, he was running late.

But then shortly after 7:00 I notice two vehicles pull into my driveway. The first a truck with his lights off and then a car right behind them. Phillip walks through the door with his girlfriend, my cousin Chanelle, my cousin Kevin and his wife,brother and sister-in-law. Cousin Phillip brought the whole family!

So, what was an ordinary Saturday night turned into a Johnson Family gathering. My family knows me very well. They knew if I knew they were coming over I would have fretted over food and drinks, and party favors for them. So, they went through my husband, kept it all very hush hush and showed up with food and drinks in hand. An instant party!

Wendy brought some yummies some of which she even canned herself. Family stories flew around! Oh, my did family stories fly. Some of which, I had never heard before! Some of which, maybe I could have gone a lifetime without knowing?  ;)

We ended up around the kitchen table playing Catch Phrase and drinking the same beer our parents use to drink.

Thank you dear cousins! It was a super fun, totally spontaneous night. You are all welcome any time!

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  1. Oh I LOVE spontaneous gatherings like that! Sounds like a perfect weekend. xx