Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Road To Oscar 2013

One of my favorite days of the year happened this week.

Oscar Nominations were made!


The countdown to Oscar officially starts with the nominations. Once again, there are 9 movies nominated for Best Picture. {I went into it having only seen 1.}

For the past 16 years my best friend and I have made it our goal to see as many of the movies nominated before Oscar night. With the exception of the shorts (animated and live action), the foreign films, and the documentaries we do really well and can at times hit over 90% seen.

Excluding those categories mentioned above, we have 30 movies to see. {35 with Documentary Features or Foreign Language Films or 40 with both.}


I am so excited to start seeing movies. As the weeks go by and you see movies, let me know. I love to talk about the movies!!

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