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Weigh-In Wednesday and Link-up Party

I keep telling myself that set backs are common on a weight loss journey. I honestly have no idea if they are or not. But I keep telling myself that they are.
I started a weight loss program in May. I stopped tracking my food and weighing in August. This week, I decided to jump right back on the bandwagon.

Here are my stat's:
Starting Weight:                 203.2 pounds 
Weight at Last Weigh In:    191.0 pounds
Current Weight:                 191.2 pounds
TOTAL LOSS:                    12 pounds

I am pretty excited that I have maintained my weight for the past two months. 

Things that worked this week:

1. I just started being aware and following the program. Just like that. I think we all suffer set backs. How we react to those set backs is what is important. 

2. I increased my water consumption. When I am drinking water on a regular basis I drink less diet soda. Both are good things. 

3. I was once again aware of portion sizes. It is amazing how a little of this and a little of that add up. 

4. I got myself moving again. Probably the coolest thing I did this week was take my family to a corn maze. A dear friend of mine gave me tickets to the corn maze. I have always wanted to go but had never been to one. I had no idea how much walking was involved. The maze we went to had 4 different mazes, they added up to nearly 10 miles of maze.  We actually got pretty good at following the map and finding our check-in stations so I am not sure we actually walked 10 miles. But I do know we walked a solid 4 hours. 

Proof that exercise does not have to occur in a gym, nor does it have to be boring!

Things to improve on for next week:

1. Tracking. I honestly believe if you do one single thing to lose weight, it should be tracking. Tracking your daily intake of food is critical. All of those little bites here and there all add up. I also find I am more accountable to myself if I am tracking. 

2. Planning. I am the kinda person who needs to know what they are going to eat before they get hungry. If I  do not, I become a put-anything-in-my-mouth kinda girl. It is hard to track food when you are eating like that! 

3. Create my healthy environment. Since I have been off the wagon for a few months, we have accumulated a supply of food that is not conducive to weight loss (opened bags of chips, sweets, ice cream, ect). I need to clean out my pantry.

Something new:

I am not the only person that I know on a weight loss journey. So, I have decided to try and open up a link-up party. If you are on a weight loss journey or any other journey that involved long term behavioral changes, link-up. We can support, motivate, and encourage each other!


  1. who's the guy with the nice butt leading the troop through the corn maze?

  2. I've been stepping up my exercise program and agree that we need to start doing a much better job of planning meals and watching what we eat. I'm 100% behind you, Babe!

    Your Husband

    PS. I have no idea who made the above comment.

    1. No idea at all? LOL! Thanks Husband! You have been doing a great job lately as well. Keep up the work!

  3. Thanks for hosting the linking party, Pam!

    I've gotta say that you and I are on VERY similar paths right now! I, too, haven't been doing my best since August. Not logging food has been my biggest downfall. I can't believe how accountable that holds a person. I truly feel that one day I won't have to log everything I eat because it will be a new habit... like second nature! It's just going to take some time.

    I also need to plan meals and have healthy foods within my reach. Otherwise I blow it big time. And moving... Lord help me! I have to start moving again! I planned to join a gym downtown Monday, but we worked from home. Tuesday I didn't because of how busy we are at work and I didn't feel like I could justify taking lunch as we're putting in extra hours. It seems like something always stands in the way of my fitness dreams.

    *I have to take it back.*

    Congrats on getting right back up and rocking your world!! And thanks for being an inspiration!!


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