Thursday, October 25, 2012

My One {And Only} Political Rant

When I was a little girl, I remember visits with my cousins. We lived in the Midwest, they lived on the West Coast. They always made jokes when they came to visit.

You know the type of jokes they made; 
  • you have running water, 
  • you have electricity,
  •  you don't have cable TV {we did not have cable TV!)
  •  what kind of music do you listen to. 
Of course, these we were young kids poking fun at each other and no harm was intended. But what was clear, was the perception that our live were simpler than theirs. That we were "old fashioned." That maybe we were not quite as "sophisticated" because of where we lived. 

I do not think my cousins are the only people who harbor such beliefs. Several of my friends and I have discussed stereotypes we have encountered when we tell people where we are from. Just because I live in the Midwest does not mean I am not educated, well- read, knowledgeable, well-traveled, or sophisticated.

With this in mind, I absolutely do not understand the US Senate race here in Missouri.


The "polls" show that Incumbent Claire McCaskill is virtually tied with Todd Akin.

I am baffled. I mean seriously baffled. Have you not read the same news articles I have over the past five months? Does it not concern you the things he has said? And Yes, he said them. He keeps saying them.


 He uses terms like legitimate rape, he describes a debate with his opponent as not ladylike, he refers to his opponent as a dog. Does anyone else see a pattern? These comments are not isolated comments. They are insights into how this man thinks of women.

He does not respect women. He does not view us as equal. This is not a person I want representing me or my family anywhere. Let alone in our Nation's Capital.

Normally, I do not talk openly about my political views, those are reserved for my family and close friends. I am usually happy that people just engage in the right to vote and do not get into who they vote for. I honestly try hard to respect the differences that make up life. But not on this.

Am I the only person out there that thinks this man's views are potentially dangerous?

I have to think that those who are supporting him are doing so to be loyal to party lines. When the "legitimate rape" comments went national, even his own party wanted him to back out of the race. For pete's sake, this is not a time or place to think about party affiliation. This is about deciding if you really want this man to represent you and your family.

Does he represent you or your way of thinking? Would you ever call a female a "dog"? Do you believe in legitimate rape and a woman's ability to block conception? Do you think a capable, strong woman can do anything a man can do? Or do you think her behavior is "un-lady like"?

If you do not agree with his statements then why would you vote for him? Are people really going to vote for him just so they can have a majority of votes to push forward or block a Presidential agenda. Then, I have to ask, "Are we smarter than that?"

I have other issues with Todd Akin that would cause me to not vote for him.  Those other issues regard his politics that do not support my values.

  •  I believe in federal student loans. Because of them, I have two degrees. 
  • I believe in school lunches. I do not believe children should pay for the acts of the parent. And without food in their stomachs how can we expect children to learn? If they can't learn, they can't grow up to be productive members of society and pay taxes.
  • I do not believe that I have any say in what goes on in your household. As long as you abide by the laws of this state, then who am I to meddle in your business? With that, I believe a woman who has been impregnated by a rape does not need my opinion to make decisions that are best for her. And I pray that you nor I ever find ourselves in that position. 
Missouri is not an unsophisticated place to live. We are smart, intelligent people. Why would we want to elect someone to office that does not represent us?


  1. I also wonder how people could still support him after the comments he has made. I have also heard of another candidate making some similiar comments (outside of Missouri), that Mitt Romney supports. What is up with these guys?!


  2. Yes, I have to agree. I am Not wanting to vote for him. But, Claire has only been voting party lines, not necessarily what She believes in. So there are 3 decisions. Vote for Claire, vote for the dumbass, or don't vote on either candidate (which is basically letting Claire win). If I vote for Akin, it is only a vote to get a Republican in the senate. If I vote for Claire, then I want to keep the Democratic Majority. This should be easy, based on what you write, but I am a Republican, so I am very torn on this one. And several of my other Republican friends are also torn.
    Personally I like Claire, but am sick of the Democratic majority in the senate. Actually I am sick of all the parties, and would like to do away with that.

  3. I wonder what would have happened if we did NOT have one party in power in each branch this past (nearly) four years. When one party vows to block anything the president proposes, even to the point of preventing services to veterans, passing a jobs bill, negotiating to prevent sequestration, etc. you cannot have progress. I no longer live in Missouri, but I know that much of this "man's" support is strictly by party - a recent poll of women confirmed they dislike the man, and say, "But I'm a Republican."

    I wish we would all try to take a look at the man/woman, the beliefs, and into our own values before we vote. Even a moderate Republican like Ronald Reagan couldn't get a handful of votes in this polarized society. Make a list of what matters to you and research your candidates' stance on those things. THAT is when you get to the truth.

    Thanks for sharing, Pam.
    (deb t.)