Thursday, May 31, 2012

It Had To Go!

As most of you know I started this blog without a second thought. I had just gotten home from meeting with a wonderful ENT who told me I had cancer. I could not even say the word out loud. I practiced by calling my two best girlfriends and I really could not say, "I have cancer!"

I was a ball of all mixed up emotions and I could not think straight. For whatever reason, I opened blogger up and just started typing. I had no idea the release I would feel just putting it out there.  So, maybe it is because writing helped me stay sane during that journey.  Or maybe I just really like writing. Or  maybe I am closet exhibitionist! {since reading Shades of Grey, I think we are all questioning our deviant side!} Whatever the reason, I am emotionally attached to this blog.

In the days after being diagnosed and laying in bed recovering from a multitude of procedures, I poured a lot of energy into "decorating" my blog-world. I was about to lose my hair and I needed for this blog-world to shine for me. I found a cute website, I downloaded some bling and for the past few years I have been happy with the way my blog looked.

Until a few weeks ago when I got a security warning NOT to access my own blog because of malware. WHAT! At first I thought, there is no way! I got the warning again last night and decided to talk to my husband about it. The ever "smarter about computer things than me" husband and he told me I needed to delete everything from All the prettiness had to go!

{Did you visualize it? Yes, my shoulders literally dropped, my head went down and involuntarily my lower lip just went ahead and pouted! I reacted as my Short Chic might if I told her you can not mark on the couch with a pink marker even though pink is your favorite color!}

So, in case you can't tell...ha ha that was funny!....I took all the shabbyblog stuff down last night and returned to standard stock from blogger.

Standard stock may have gotten better in the past two years, but I assure you, it is still standard stock. I walked around last night feeling like I had a large pimple growing on my chin. I needed help! So, I made a quick decision to call in the doctors.  Well, not really a doctor, more like a fairy godmother. In this case, a Fairy BlogMother who will once again make my blog pretty!

So, stick around. Things will be changing over the next few weeks to return prettiness to my blog-world. Oh, and the changes will be for my computers safety as well as yours.

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