Friday, January 3, 2014

The Geese Have Landed

A few weeks ago, we were leaving the house and noticed how loud it was outside. The sky around our house was completely full of Canada Geese.

We get them every year but every couple of years their population on our community lake appears to increase. That night, as we drove past the lake, although it was dark you could tell the entire lake was nearly covered with the honking geese.

The first thing you notice is their noise. Collectively hundreds of Canada Geese are very loud. {Maybe I am glad my house does not border the lake!}

The second thing you can't help but notice is that come nightfall the geese return to the lake in droves. They approach in large groups, small groups, duo's, and even singles.  An hour after dark the geese have landed and made their way to the ice, where they will stay till morning comes.

We shot the video above on our second night of watching them. It is the second video I took. The first was when the lake was full but you can't see anything because it is after dark. I went back before the day light was fully gone and tried to get a second video. You can see the geese but the noise level is also significantly different. Below is the first video. {Too bad I know NOTHING about film editing to lighten it for you!}

Maybe it is the country part of me but I can sit by that lake and watch these Canada Geese for hours day after day. {From my warm toasty car, of course. It's cold out there!}

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